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1300 S. Erie St.
Massillon, OH  44646
(330) 837-2254
fax: (330) 830-0841

Welcome to Draime Enterprises

Front of Draime Enterprises.

Welcome to our shop.  We occupy a 5,700 square foot facility located in Massillon, Ohio.  We're right at the intersection of Rt. 21 and the Rt. 241 extension, not far from Rt. 30.
Trophies and photos.
In our front store and offices, we display a number of  trophies and photographs highlighting the victories of the Draime Racing Team and our customers over the past 25+ years.  Many more photographs are collected in albums.
While most of the items we use are custom ordered and made for each customer's specification, more commonly used parts are readily available in our inventory department.
Stock shelves.
Main shop.
This is our main machine shop.  Here blocks, pistons, crankshafts, and cams are prepared for engine assembly.
Here is where heads are assembled and readied to be placed on the engine.
Ron's Head Bench.
Assembly room.
This is our assembly room, where engines are completed.
This is the dyno room, where engine performance is tested and tuned before the engine is delivered to its owner.
Dyno room.

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